Message Form the chairman

Dear All

It is STONE ENERGY employees who make our company successful. Their hard work, innovation and dedication to clients are the reasons we have prospered. Our employees are the key to our future, and we strive to create a climate and culture that enables them to deliver their best performance. Our values are more than just words – they highlight the way we do our business:

Our goal is to engage the best people, give them a great work environment, and support them in realizing their full potential. Our customers – many of which have done business with our company for decades – will testify to our business ethics and integrity. The STONE ENERGY Code of Ethics and Conflicts of Interest Regulations define our ethical principles and the standards that govern the business relations between employees, contractors, consultants and suppliers.

The socially important aspects of STONE ENERGY are managed on the basis of the Code of Business Policies, which regulates the company's activities in occupational health and safety, environmental protection, control and finance, and relations with employees.

Stone Energy encourages and supports all programs which promote safety, good health and well-being. This policy endorses efforts which ensure the quality of health and safety while participating in Stone Energy work related activities. In support of this context, Stone Energy will conduct its activities so as to ensure:

As a Chairman, I will ensure that Stone Energy senior management provides the required elements needed to work in an incident and injury free environment and Lost-Time Incidents at all our work place.

Mr. Hassan D. AlShamali -
Chairman & Managing Director

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