Company Profile

The STONE ENERGY (Subsidiary of Al Salam Group holding Company & Gulf Petroleum Investment Co. Kuwait) is a leading global contractor for drilling and related services registered under Ministry of Natural Resources in Kurdistan, South Oil Company in Iraq and Ministry of Petroleum in Egypt; the management of Stone Energy has in excess of 40 years combined experience in upgrading, refurbishing, operating and managing onshore/offshore drilling rigs.

Stone Energy is a Kuwaiti closed share holding company founded in 2007 with paid up capital of 10 million Kuwaiti Dinars as a service company working in the field of oil and natural gas exploration and production headquartered in Kuwait, with additional offices in Cairo, Alexandria in Egypt ,Dubai, Kurdistan, and Iraq.

We provide total drilling operations management and support for jack-up, land drilling including well drilling and program engineering; and consulting services.

We are confident that with this experience and expertise, we can provide our customers safe, efficient, reliable and flexible services for drilling projects.

We have been serving different companies in the MENA region to fulfill their drilling operation requirements by providing an efficient service for about 15 years which has helped them to enhance their reputation. We are strong believers of timely and quality work with Zero Injury Policy and believe in long term relationship with our clients.

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